Vacuum furnace PZ 810

Working chamber of vacuum furnace PZ 810

Modernized vacuum furnace PZ 810 produced by former company Tesla. The furnace has vertical cylindrical chamber.


  • Maximal batch size: width 350 mm, height 590 mm.
  • Maximal long-term temperature 1400 °C. Molybdenum heating and shielding system.
  • Vakuum: 5e^^-2^^ Pa až 1 Pa (depends on batch type and temperature).
  • Heating system: Molybdenum IR heating
  • Maximal temperature rise rate: 1500°C per hour1
  • Cooling: without inert coolant (natural in high vacuum)
  • Cooling time: about 8 hours (typically)


  • Soldering and brazing: silver, copper and nickel alloys (Nicrobraz, e.g. see this manufacturer)
  • Vacuum annealing
Overall viewOverall view Control panelControl panel Vacuum systemVacuum system
  • 1. For heavy batches is rate lower because of limited heating power.