Vacuum brazing

We provide vacuum brazing using copper or nickel solder. For joining metals with brittle non-metallic materials have been introduced pliable active brazing solders.

Currently we have two vacuum furnaces:

  • Upgraded vacuum furnace PZ-810 produced by former Czech company Tesla Roznov
  • A small laboratory furnace of our own design
  • Vacuum furnace PZ 810

    Working chamber of vacuum furnace PZ 810
    Updated 10 years 4 weeks ago

    Modernized vacuum furnace PZ 810 produced by former company Tesla. The furnace has vertical cylindrical chamber.

  • Laboratory vacuum furnace

    Working chamber of the laboratory vacuum furnace
    Updated 5 years 17 weeks ago


    • maximum batch dimensions: diameter up to 150 mm, height 200 mm; for objects not exceeding 18 mm in diameter the height can be extended.
    • maximum temperature: 1100°C,
    • copper and/or silver or…