Production and developement of the vacuum feedthroughs

In our department we develop and produce vacuum feedthroughs based on glass-to-metal seal (matched kovar-glass or compression seal). The feedthroughs can be welded to custom flanges.

So far we have developed the following types:

  • Seven and twelve pin feedthroughs for temperature range –196°C to +400°C.
  • High current feedthrouhghs for temperature range –60°C to +300°C.
  • High pressure feedthroughs (e.g. for nuclear research) for temperature range –60°C to +300°C.
  • Custom feedthroughs.

Examples of our vacuum feedthrougs you can find in the gallery.

  • Coaxial fedthrough on ISO-KF 16 flange

    Coaxial feedthrough on ISO-KF 16 flange - air side
    Updated 10 years 16 weeks ago

    This coaxial (one conductor) feedthrough is suitable for transferring DC or AC signals (including RF) into vacuum. It is vacuum-tight sealed into ISO-KF 16 flange, including O-ring support. On air-side is designed for type N receptacle, on vacuum-side for…

  • Single-pin vacuum feedthrough

    Updated 10 years 33 weeks ago

    Single-pin vacuum glass-sealing feedthrough. The feedthrough can be electron-beam welded, e.g. into custom flange. Its operational temperature range is –196°C to +400°C. It can be used for UHV.

  • 9 pin d-sub feedthrough on ISO-KF 25 flange

    9 pin d-sub feedthrough on ISO-KF 25 flange - air side
    Updated 10 years 19 weeks ago

    The 9 pin d-sub feedthrough is vacuum-tight glass-sealed into an ISO-KF 25 flange provided with O-ring support. For the connection on the vacuum side a bare receptacle can be used, or the connecting wires can be soldered to the pins.